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Who is Boba Jet ?

Posted on Jun 18, 2013

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A few months after the release of Vortal Combat in 2011, I wanted to create a more complete game. With levels, boss, sound effects, level editor, physics engine and lots of other interesting stuff.

Boba Jet is the result of this work.


I began to work on physics and collision detection.

In April 2013 I finally managed to free up enough time and spent three months on this new game.

Boba Jet is a 2D javascript / html5 canvas shoot'em up. You must fight your way through numerous levels with your jetpack and your big gun to rescue your twin brother.

Most shoot'em up have no use for a physics engine. Controls response is direct and maximum speed is immediately reached and stopped when you push then release a control button. Collision response is useless either.

For Boba Jet I wanted to add some basic physical principles to improve the gameplay. If you want to change direction, pushing a button does not act directly on Boba. You add a force to Boba's velocity and he will accelerate progressively. When you release the button Boba will keep some momentum and decelerate progressively either.

Likewise if boba is hit by a bullet, an enemy or a wall, he will react by bouncing in a realistic way.

As Ia result in a classic shoot'em up when you want to fly to a new position you push the proper button and release it when you arrive at destination. the ship will stop immediatly.

With a physics engine, mass, velocity and inertia produce a different feel. When you want to quickly stop the momentum you need to add an opposing force by pushing the opposite direction button resulting in more intense and fun controls.

You must learn to compensate to efficiently control Boba.



Who is Boba Jet ?

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